Monday, February 21, 2011

Egypt - The Cradle of Civilisation Reborn

It's been over two years since I have written anything, but recently my mind has been re-energised by the recent events in Egypt and now neighboring countries.

The Egyptian revolution on the 25th of January has captured the imagination of many people around the world as it strongly reflected humans deep biological need for freedom and the extent that one would go to in this noble quest.

People have lost their lives, others were badly injured just to get patched up and resume their fight for the second, third, fourth and fifth time! The fear barrier has been broken forever and the Egyptian people know for a fact now that no one will ever, ever and I mean ever think of trying to deny them the very thing that makes them human.

In my previous topics I have tried to remove the chains of ignorance and fear from around the necks of many Egyptians and all humans in general, so that they maybe are able to re-discover their true selves and contribute to the next chapter of age of collective awareness.

As an atheist I do think that religion has in many way divided humans on earth and hindered our progress in both science as well consciousness. Fear has also contributed a great deal to this obstacle, as it reduced the amount of positive energy and action required to force any change.

I can tell you for sure now that the fear barrier is now broken in Egypt, however the ignorance barrier is still there although somewhat dented. This is the time now for people to start thinking freely and challenge everything, so that they can be convinced once and for all. No more taboos, no more "I don't have the brain capacity to conceive this" and surely no more I am afraid to say what I mean!

Egyptians have inherited a wealth of dormant knowledge passed onto them through time and DNA make-up and it's about time that this recessive gene springs to life, so that we can continue from where we left some 4000 years ago!

The revolution has only started as the traces of the corrupt regime are currently laying low in attempt to regain energy and power after it's been fatigued by the Egyptian thunder or also known as the Egyptian voice. We need to continue our quest for freedom by removing and trialing all corrupted personnel, then proceeding to build a civil and secular country that honors all its citizens regardless of their political, religious, sex and dare I say sexual orientation.

I will be focusing on Egypt until further notice and will bring to scrutiny and limelight topics that touch every Egyptian, topics that no one ever thought would be open for a discussion one day.


Monday, June 9, 2008

The dilemma of free will and an omniscient God

For the life of me I can not understand the reason behind it all!

If God created us out of love, so why all the suffering? And how can we be free to choose if our actions were already pre-determined? An omniscient God knows what happened, what's happening and what will happen.

Ah, so you may say that God has the knowledge of our actions, but has no control over them. In this case, he's not omnipotent and lacks the most essential of Godly ingredients.

The modern theologians' explanation that God's choice to be inherent omniscient, as opposed to total omniscient is laughable. This is almost like a hide and seek game, where God asks you to go hide and despite the fact that God knows where you will be hiding, he chooses to partially cover his eyes, so that he can still see you through his fingers!!!

The other laughable argument is the hypothesis that we don't know what God has pre-determined for us, so in a way we are still free to choose from the options available to us. This is almost like me saying that our ignorance of the spheric earth at some stage of our history proves that the earth was flat!!!!

Another argument to explain the dilemma is that God stands outside
time, and therefore can know everything free agents do, since He does not know these facts "in advance", he knows them before they are even conceived and long after the actions have occurred. The free agent's future actions therefore remain contingent to himself and others in linear time but are logically necessary to God on account of His infallibly accurate all-encompassing view. This was the solution offered by Thomas Aquinas.

The above explanation suggests that God stands outside of the time and therefore can not enter the realm of our relative linear time and space, so that he may be eternal and absolute. Of course this theory runs the risk of comprising God's
alleged omnipresent status.

Let's examine the Adam and Eve story in light of the above dilemma. It seems very obvious to me that God knew what Adam and Eve would eat from the tree, thus the trigger of all mayhem we live in today. Did God have poor Adam and Eve set up to fulfil his pre-determined will of creating humanity on earth for the ultimate test? How can God then be any different from Satan? Or is Satan God's alter ego, when he switches to the dark side?

And if God pre-existed everything then he must have created Satan at some stage. He must have then known that Satan would turn sour and try to corrupt humanity until the end of days. Therefore, with the knowledge and design of the future, God did create evil! And if God created evil, then he must also possess the quality. This probably explains his sadistic tendencies that are very obvious when reading the old testament or the Quranic hell-fire verses.

let's face it, the idea of an omniscient God is in direct contradiction with our free will and goodness on earth for that matter.

God has tricked us into entertaining him, since his spirit was floating in the dark universe in complete boredom. Even yet a better explanation, we were too scared of death we have made ourselves eternal, even if it meant an everlasting life on the BBQ.


Friday, February 1, 2008

Vampires too are eternal

Once upon a time I believed in a kind and good God who created the universe, all beings and humanity included.

I used to believe in a heaven, where all the good people get rewarded and united with their loved ones.
I used to believe that "I" will be here forever!!

I used to think atheists are nothing but harsh people with no hearts and completely indulged in sins and immoral earthly pleasures....Man, was I wrong!

Not to be hard on myself I was only 14 when I had these thoughts, praying 5 times a day and very proud of my new facial hair that I could then grow for the love of our beloved prophet.

Humans for centuries must have wondered where do we go after death? How come we are able to feel our own consciousness and can step outside of ourselves to self-evaluate?

Why do we have that strong passion to advance? Why do we have that curious force that pushes us to find out?

Oh no....No, I can't accept that....I....die, be forgotten and perish forever? What would then happen to my thoughts, my memories, my beautiful face, my EGO?

I must say, I do sympathise with religious people....after all it's a very hard question that no one really knew for certain the answer for!

Our wishes and day-dreaming throughout the ages have led us to where we are at the moment. Top of the food chain, king of the species and conquerors of the universe.

The same wishful thinking led us to believe that we as individuals were brought here for a reason and we are indestructible if we choose to be good, for that we will be here for eternity!

The definition of the purpose of life combined with the one true message and the chosen one has varied based on the geographical location, time, culture and language.

We have lied to ourselves and ended up believing in that beautiful eternal existence...

The ancient Egyptians mummification, vampires, the elixir of life, religions and God are interpretations and reflections of our own obsession with eternal life. We know Count Dracula does not exist, but we still shivers of fear when we see Gary Oldman licking the blood off that shaving razor in "Bram Stoker's Dracula"!

The thing is I am no longer 14 and I know for a fact that there is no hereafter! I am now an atheist, but much to my surprise I am not wicked or evil.

Ever since I have rejected eternal life, I have become a lot more focused on this life. The amount of charity work I am involved in is numerous. I love my family, my neighbours and all humanity regardless of their colour, their faiths and even their point of views.

I know for a fact that a loving and kind God would not torture his own creation, so I have rejected all religions available on the market as I could easily detect that they are all man-made. Each religion incredibly reflects the culture, the geographical location, the language and the time it was created in. God amazingly sounds like one of us, he gets angry, regrets, takes revenge, hates, likes and favours some over others!!!!

I am now convinced that all religions and God were man-made initially to satisfy our thirst for eternal life, then later on were picked up and developed by control freaks as "one ring rules them all" strategy!

I call upon each and everyone of you to break free from those chains of ignorance, fear, hatred and vanity...

Only then we can through "collective awareness" ascend as a race, have fulfilling and happy lives and be able to pass on that "kind" gene to our offspring.

And this is how we become immortal, by simply being an animal who is trying to pass on the best genes available to benefit the next generation.


Monday, August 20, 2007

A needy God?

In the beginning there was the Computer.
And God said
Enter user-id.
Enter password.
Password incorrect. Try again.
Password incorrect. Try again.
And God logged on
at 00:00:01, day 1.

Click here: God

I have always struggled with the idea that there was a conscious God before everything and anything, then he created life as we know it today!

This creates a big question for me; " A needy God?"

Some words can only be interpreted and understood through their relationship with other words and meanings. For example the word King can only be completely understood through the function of a king, which is to rule over people.

For sound to exist in its complete form there has to be some listening ears, so that the sound can be heard, acknowledged and may be appreciated. If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

A lonely God roaming the universe with extreme powers and abilities and no one around to appreciate the might of this lonely force! This must have been tough!

The word God can only be understood through worshipers. Other beings who can actually witness this force and acknowledge its existence.

Could God have created us for this very purpose? To be worshiped, acknowledged and loved?
This notion creates a predicament that God is just as needy as us, therefore his divinity is nothing but a fairy tale. He is just one of us!

On the other hand you hear religious people everyday say that we should be thankful to God for he has given us life. Let's analyse this, shall we!

God creates us out of nothingness to experience life and be put to the test. The vast majority according to the Abrahamic faiths will end up in a eternal torture of hellfire!!

Based on this scenario how can a merciful and an all-wise God creates beings out of nothingness just to torture them for eternity??? I am sure they would choose to go back to the state of nothingness they originated from!

It seems to me that our dear lord is nothing but an old fashioned sadist that takes pleasure in inflecting pain on others for no reason other than they have chosen not to believe in him???
The big ego has been dented and we should suffer for that, even if we did not ask to be brought to existence.

Before we even think which is the one true religion, let's first establish the reason for creation and what kind of God is worthy of our trust and love.

I know this one is a phony!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

And man created God in his own image

It's very curious how God in all the Abrahamic faiths behaves like a vulnerable human.

For instance God in the Old Testament gets angry, takes revenge, feels remorse and guilt. Coincidentally around the time of Judaism humans were still culturally immature, spontaneous and displayed a very similar behaviour!

Then in the New Testament God acts like a drama queen and sets up the stage for suffering, crucifixion and resurrection. A typical Greek tragedy that again coincided with the literature, the theatre and the story telling style of that time.

Last but not least, Islam was a true reflection of the environment and culture of the harsh and ignorant Arabian Desert. The Quran copied many stories from the Gospel, with the help of Waraqqa Ibn Nawfal of course, and added to them the spices you expect from 1001 nights or Aladdin Stories!!

Winged angels, horned devils, scary jinns and a flying mule! Muhammad claimed that the Quran was his only miracle. Again, the only thing the Arabs were good at was poetry...Words and only words, coincidentally the Quran (Islam's only miracle) is made of words, Arabic words!

God's last message to the universe and humanity has been revealed in a language so classical, that some of the native Arabs can now hardly understand.

Just go back in memory my dear Muslim and remember the religion class (Hessatt Al-Deen).
It was all about memorising the words, no comprehension needed and if you fail to memorise you know what happened!

Millions of non-Arabic speaking Muslims recite the Quran in Arabic, a language that they can't understand or speak. The miracle of Quran has dissolved, because God forgot that the universe stretches beyond the Arabian Peninsula!!

Over the next few months I will be concentrating on the Quran, its teachings and its many errors. The errors are grammatical, historical, geographical, scientific and mathematical in nature, but above all is the many immoral verses that directly conflict with basic human rights and sound humane conduct.

I expect Muslims to come and defend their religion, I also expect them to use proper reasoning and logical methods to refute my evidence.


Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Well, I am not going to discuss the theological reference of the word just YET.

I just thought that the title is very relevant since this is my very first post in my brand new blog, which will discuss and debate various theological, psychological and philosophical topics.

I always thought that if you want to decipher the codes of a certain written or spoken statement, you will have to understand the background of its originator, so that the circumstances and the motives that give birth to such views can be relevantly understood.

I will make this a little easier for you my dear readers and hopefully participants in the many discussions to come.

I was born in Cairo, Egypt to a small Sunni Muslim family. I could say we were always financially comfortable, however since a very young age I sought financial independence.

I always felt like a fish out of water in Egypt. Although I loved Egypt and by that I mean our real ancient Egyptian heritage and real identity that were lost due the barbaric Arabic-Islamic invasion in Egypt, I never really agreed with the general consented traditions, conduct and above all belief system.

I got a little religious when I was around 13, but by the age of 17 I have figured out the entire plot! I neglected Islam and started my research into all religions known to man, every single statement said by a Philosopher and each single theory developed by a Psychologist or a Scientist.

I was going nuts....I really wanted to know.....I needed answers to keep going!

I left Egypt and Islam all together....I have been studying, living and working in Western countries since 1993....

I am a Linguist who is proficient in Arabic, English, German, Spanish, Italian and French....I have also made a reasonable progress in Hebrew and Latin.

Our manipulation of the word since we started to communicate using languages has been dramatic to say the least....and to know the word, you need to understand the real meaning of the word.....

Over the next few weeks, I will discuss matters that concern all humanity and our intellectual evolution as part of life.

I look forward to chatting with each and everyone of you.